The Years…

1970-74 – Lived with various members of Aerosmith in Boston, that began his first music business

1975-77 -Attended Law School at University of Detroit.

1977-82 – Law partner in Zynczak, Cristini & Smith, worked with Atlanta Rhythm Section, Bobby Vinton, The Dead Boys, The Cramps, New York Dolls, The Shirts, & The Velvet Underground.

1982-86 – Managed New Edition, John Waite, Donny Osmond, Sister Sledge, The System, Jenny Burton, Skagarack, Ready for the World, Whodini & Colonel Abrams.

1987-89 – Managed Bobby Brown, Ten City, Total Contrast, Mathew Sweet, Technotronic, Denise Lopez, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.

1996-2002 – Managed Days of The New, Double Drive, Black Lab, Bliss 66, Smile Empty Soul.

2002-2007 – Managed Seether, RA, Rookie of the Year.

2008-present – Manages Saving Abel, Volbeat, Tracer, Larry G(ee), Dimsco, Smitty and Sam Kay.

Consulting Clients – Eye Empire, Black Oxygen, Garrett Borns, Ourtunz, Shamans Harvest, Abby Owens, and Jaime Wyatt.