Wild Justice Music one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and respected companies in the
entertainment industry. WJM has formed and maintained a relationship with every radio format
based on reciprocity and good will. Rick Smith president of Wild Justice is the only Manager in
the Music business that has had at least one gold record in each decade since 1970, and is widely
considered one of the music industry’s best kept secrets, selling an excess of 40 Million Records
most of them on I-75 Detroit to Key West.

We practice the lost art of taking bands from the garage to top. The strategy remaining Artist
Development and Touring combined with Radio and Marketing.

If Rick Smith’s career ended today, he would have earned more accolades and success than most
entrepreneurs twice his age. However, times are changing and rather than retiring he has reenlisted in the New Music business, bring the success of the past into the present.